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Lucy joined our team in May, 2017. She has lived in Ventura her entire life with the exception of attending college in Humboldt county. She holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English literature. She has also gone through the Humane Law Enforcement Academy basic and advanced training. She has 5 years prior experience working in veterinary hospitals and also has experience working as a humane officer at several animal shelters.

Lucy enjoys seeing pets when they first come in as puppies, watching them grow and change as they mature. She loves working with clients to help them feel comfortable with the quality of care they desire for their pet.

Lucy has 2 dogs: a Husky/German Shepherd mix named “Lycan” and a Chow/Cattle dog mix named “Tanuki.” She has a variety of activities she enjoys when she’s not working. She loves to read, write, hike, cook, train dogs and volunteer with animal rescue groups. She plays the piano, oboe and baritone saxophone. She also plays roller derby with the Ventura County Derby Darlins.