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Jenn was born in Ventura, moved away at a young age and returned in 2003. She attended Ventura College for a while as well as the Animal Behavior College, through which she became a certified dog trainer in basic obedience. She joined our staff in August of 2016. She really enjoys working with animals of any kind as well as learning new things.

Of all of our staff, she has the biggest variety of pets: 2 horses, whose names are “Fancy Prospect” and “Rogue.” She has 3 dogs: an All American Breed dog named “Sirius Lee,” “Zoey” who is a miniature Australian Shepherd and “Evo” a chocolate labrador/pit bull/Vizsla mix. She has a ball python named “Baby Gurl” and 3 bearded dragons named “Harley,” “Road King” and “Fat Boy.” Last but not least is “Sophie Ann” who is a Boer/Nubian goat.

Away from work, she can be found spending time with her dogs or hitting the trail on the back of a horse or the road on a motorcycle!

Jenn with "Zoey."

Jenn with “Zoey.”

Jenn with "Sirius Lee."

Jenn with “Sirius Lee.”

Jenn with "Evo."

Jenn with “Evo.”

“Evo” & Jenn in Halloween Booth