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Pain Management and Control

We know the issue of pain management is of great concern to pet owners today.

We take pain control very seriously, and if there is any chance that a procedure or surgery could result in pain, we will administer an analgesic (pain killing) drug to prevent it before it occurs. In addition, if we know ahead of time that a surgery could result in pain, we will administer a variety of supplementary analgesic medications prior to the surgery to further avoid any discomfort to your loved one. We have a wide range of methods for controlling pain and discomfort including a variety of oral medications, narcotic pain patches, intravenous constant rate infusions of pain medication, and nerve blocks or local anesthetics. Some or all of these delivery methods may be used on a patient depending on the degree of pain relief needed.

When long-term pain relief is necessary for conditions such as osteoarthritis or other chronic ailments, these can be effectively managed with a variety of oral medications. However, since all drugs can sometimes have unintended consequences, we periodically monitor patients on long-term medication(s) using blood tests to prevent or minimize any adverse side effects.

We would be pleased to discuss the options available to you and your pet under any of the above circumstances.